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I’m just waiting for a Supernatural episode where God shows up like


this stupid post literally resurfaces after every new supernatural episode and it’s hilarious because this has applied to supernatural for two straight seasons and thats basally the show in a nutshell

St. Jude Golf Tournament


August 16, 2012 my brother Aaron, only 4 at the time, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma cancer. He had a brain tumor the size of an apricot pressing on his cerebellum. He underwent 4 brain surgeries to remove the tumor and treat the after-effects, plus 8 months of radiation and chemotherapy to fight the cancer. All of his treatments and care were taken care of by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. By May 2013 my brother was released with the diagnosis of NED (no evidence of disease) meaning that he was cancer free.

Since then he and the rest of my family have participated in many fundraisers and events supporting St. Jude’s, starting with the St. Jude Bruce Rader Golf Tournament in Virginia Beach last May after he was sent home. One year later, my brother is still cancer free, and he one again participated in this special event. If you click on the link above, you will see just how much he has grown and changed in a year. 

I will always be grateful to St. Jude’s for saving my little brother. 




Dad said if this gets 600,000 notes I can get a American Eskimo Puppy like this one


I always wanted a dog. Please he doesn’t think its possible even though the chicken thing happened  He has money saved and is more than willing if it happens. 

bitch were getting you a puppy ok

#we are tumblr and we like getting people pets #and that’s as productive as we get

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Its a super boring night here in Biddeford Maine.

Its a super boring night here in Biddeford Maine.